My side hustle

I first caught the property bug in 2009 when purchasing discounted land in Auckland, New Zealand towards the end of the global financial crisis, while living in Southeast Asia.

In 2012, I built a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house on the land which has produced substantial capital gains and a steady rental income ever since.


This opened my eyes to the world of property and proved that the tyranny of distance can be overcome by having great relationships with tradespeople and property management companies.

In 2017, I attend a 3-day course in Singapore which fuelled my interest in the United Kingdom.

With the Pound Sterling suffering due to Brexit-related uncertainty, I have explored investment opportunities in the northeast of England with a primary focus on “houses in multiple occupation” where each room is let individually.

My focus in the UK is on cash flow, but I will look at high capital growth opportunities in the future.

The process of building an investment property portfolio is fun. It requires commitment and an understanding that, as an investor, you are providing quality homes for people to live in.

I am keen to meet other people who are on a similar property journey.

Leon Hudson Hawthorn